The Love Story

I met my girlfriend in a party about three years ago while we were both grad students here.

Last year, she graduated, found a job, and moved to a faraway place, while I’m still struggling with my Permanent Head Damage degree, unfortunately.

My life seems pretty pathetic: girlfriend faraway,  having been stuck in school for too long, wanting to get married but can’t afford a ring (unless you eat ramen for the rest of you life, my advisor says).

Well there is also the bright side,

I have someone I love.

I have flexible schedule, which enables me to pursue anything I have a passion for.

I have some skill sets that can make this magic happen.

So I decide to do something fun for my engagement proposal. This is also exactly why I created this website to document it.

More details on ‘The Evolution of Inspiration’ page, on how I go about making my dream come true.




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