The Stone

Granted, the mission is never accomplished without the perfect ring.

Per my girlfriend, it’s every girl’s dream to have a Tiffany (god they are not cheap).

Usually I try to do everything in my own way, which is often times unconventional.

However, on this particular issue, I decide to follow the rules.

So wait no more. Tiffany. There you go.

They say three months’ salary is a good ballpark range for the budget. Some say 4-5 months for Asian people (as if Asian love each other more…lol).

The problem is:

A. As a student, I am sitting on the income poverty line ($23K per household, which is me by myself).

B. When you are making so little, it’s impossible to save as much. Consider people making $1M a year compared to ones making $10K a year, whose is more likely to save three months’ of salary sooner?

So after all the nerve-racking, discombobulating, nail-biting, bowel-moving, terror-inspiring, courage-draining times in ‘Austerity Mode’, I made it!


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